Illusrtration and ArtWork

Illustrative design and the power to persuade…

If you require a crafted logo or hand drawn/painted image then look no further than to an Illustrator.  Illustration is to Theatre, as Photography is to Film.  Instinctive, ancient, primal and the  original source of storytelling…. It is this art of storytelling that captivates our soul and questions why we are here.  Mark-making is evident at the dawn of man, before technology embraced our senses and desensitized our imagination.

Dee has created murals and backdrops for advertising, interactive projects, educational needs, and communicating ideas.  As well as decorating environments, painted paintings not only displayed on the wall but to personal items, such as instruments or clothes can mark your stamp on a truly loved possession.

Dee can offer original gift ideas, such as painted portraits designed to personalize the person or relationship (if it is a marital portrait).

Dee’s illustration is an intentional creative platform for visual communication.