Henna Art

Creative semi-permanent artwork for your skin!

Mehndi is the Hindi name for Henna, (the English pronunciation) which is one of the countries that the Lawsonia inermis plant from which henna is derived, originates from.  Apart from having several medicinal properties, once mixed with essential oils, many recipes include these, it becomes a calming and pleasant sensation when applied to the skin.  This ancient practice of skin decoration was traditionally  for festive occasions, religious ceremonies and weddings, it is now fashionable to wear Henna as part of our style and make up.

If you would like to reach out to more than just children, having Dee at your event providing Henna art makes sure that teenagers and adults walk away with a funky temporary tattoo, and something to remember the day with.  If you are thinking of having a real tattoo it can be a precursor to help you decide if you would like something permanent in the future.  Beautiful, intricate designs can be fulfilled and the more modern day dragon or chinese symbol can also look cool.

Dee provides Henna workshops, where you can learn how to make your own Henna to work with and the basics to set you on the road to design.